Investigators Search for Man Posing as Police Officer

FEBRUARY 19, 2004 -- Posted at 11:15pm

MARION/WEST MEMPHIS, AR - An impostor and robber is on the loose, and the real police need your help stopping him.

A black man is posing as a police officer by showing a badge, carrying a weapon and showing up at various locations with a German Shepherd dog.

The first of these strange incidents occurred on December 22nd at a truck stop in St. Francis County. He told victims he was looking for a prostitute and needed to see their $20 bills to possibly take back to a police station as evidence. The suspect did the same thing on January 2nd and February 10th. In some instances, people pulled out their wallets to show identification, that's when the man grabbed their money and fled.

The suspect then used the same tactics in Crittenden County. His first target was a couple in Room 132 at the Best Western Motel on Valentine's Day. He took $250 to $300 from the male occupant of the room.

He went straight from there to West Memphis. The suspect's first stop was the Hampton Inn. He knocked on the door, but the person inside would not let him in. The impostor said something about calling the front desk, and quickly walked away. From there, he drove down the street to the Motel 6 to try again.

"...and blocked in some Hispanic males, and, of course, addressed them as a police officer, and asked for ID, and at that point he snagged some more money from them, and then fled the scene," explained Investigator Freddy Williams.

At some point he got on I-40 and headed towards Little Rock. On Monday, he got money from another group of Hispanic males working just off the interstate in Lonoke.

Williams added, "...and as he left Lonoke, he went up the interstate just a little further to Carlisle, and attempted to do the same thing to a trucker."

The trucker didn't believe the story and the man fled. He could be driving a small maroon sedan or a blue and silver car, possibly a Pontiac, but no victims have any license plate information. The suspect is well groomed and dresses nicely, similar to what a detective would wear, which victims said makes him very believable.

If you have any information about this case, please call your local law enforcement office. They'll pass on any details to the proper authorities.