Senator Boozman meets with Cross County officials

WYNNE,AR (KAIT) - An Arkansas senator leaves Washington to let Region 8 residentsknow what's been taking place at the nation's capitol.

SenatorJohn Boozman made a stop in Wynne Friday morning to speak with Cross Countyelected officials. Mayor of Wynne, Bob Stacy, says he and other city leaderswere pleased to hear of his visit. "It was good to hear that he was coming,"Stacy said. "His roots are from the other side of the state. Anytime youhave one of your senators come and visit your community is great. We're veryexcited."

SenatorBoozman said he while he was stopping in areas throughout Arkansas to shareinformation with local residents, he was also eager to learn some thingshimself. "I'm going to visit and talk a little bit about what's going onin Washington, but more importantly, I want to learn about the local issues andthe things that are on people's minds," Boozman said. "So, we'll betalking about things that are unique to the region. Various projects that are affectedand really just any way we can be of help. The nice thing about this office istrying to use the power for good. And it's just everybody working together tomove the state forward."

Stacysaid he was grateful for the opportunity to discuss a number of differentissues with the senator. "We have so many problems with jobs, unemploymentand our delta region is lacking in funding and jobs and that's the main thingI'd like to talk to him about," Stacy stated. "As well, I have issuebeing a farmer. I'm hoping he'll take some good stance and he has so far withfarm programs, our new farm bill coming up."

Ifthere was one thing Senator Boozman said he was hoping to get across to people,it was a sense of security that came with knowing what is going on. "Ithink the thing that's on everybody's mind right now and it doesn't matter ifyou're in Eastern Arkansas or Southern Arkansas is jobs, jobs, jobs and theeconomy," Boozman said. "You know, what can we do to be helpful in thatregard and I think the biggest thing is trying to get some certainty. Lettingpeople know what their taxes are going to be. They're concerned about fuelprices, concerned about future of healthcare increases; those are the thingsthat are on people's minds. So, if we can get some certainty then people willstart having the confidence to start hiring people."

Boozmansays he will continue to visit with people across the state and that his officeis always open.

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