Region 8 Severe Weather Seminar

In Arkansas severe weather season begins in March.

For the 8th year in a row the Northeast Arkansas Skywarn Network Severe Weather seminar was held to coordinate emergency service efforts.

From K8's Shane Carter to National Weather Service Meteorologist Andy Sniezak ordinary residents learned how to spot early signs of danger.

((David Moore/Deputy Office of Emergency Management Coodinator: With the mild weather people have a tendency to forget what can happen so it is good to see people like this out there.))

Most of the people in attendence are stormspotters.

People who risk their lives in order to give a live view from the field.

((Andy Sniezak/Meteorologist: Our radar can do a pretty good job but we will always rely on spotters to help us confirm what we are seeing.))

People like Meridith Simpson.

A volunteer Fire Fighter in Valley View.

((Meridith Simpson/Valley View: I like it, I like helping people it is what everyone is here for.))

((Ron Smiley: Here in Region 8 severe weather can happen at any time and that is why they are also recruiting storm chasers.))

A job not suited for everyone.

Beside the crazy hours..... ((They dont get paid to do this they are doing it on their own.))

Severe weather season in Arkansas continues through early May.

In Jonesboro Ron Smiley for K8 news.