Stock Car Show Revs Up Jonesboro

February 21, 2004 -- Posted at 4:32 p.m. CST

JONESBORO -- It's one of the biggest sports in the south...and it's defiantly native to's stock car racing. Folks were out and about Saturday at the Northeast Arkansas fairgrounds at the first annual stock car show and swap meet.

Sonny Sayre is a stock car driver and says hard to describe what it's like.

"There's nothing like it, you just have to feel it to see what it's like," said Sayre.

Racing is defiantly big here in Arkansas, and fans were lined up to meet the drivers and check out the cars of some of their local favorite race teams. Sherry Loyd brought her family out for a look this morning.

"They get a chance to get up close with the cars, and everything and see what they're made of just have a look over and everything," said Loyd.

Saturday's event was sponsored by the Poinsett County Speedway in Harrisburg and was a way to introduce folks to a good time on a Saturday night.

"We just have fun out here every Saturday night, come and feel the excitement!" laughed Hugh Cornelision, owner of the Poinsett County Speedway:

Car owner Joey Donaldson agrees.

"It's cheap entertainment, $8 dollars will get you into the race track and you're there all night. You get to see a lot of races and maybe a few crashes if the folks are unlucky. It's something to do to keep the kids off the street and let them know there's good stuff to do around here with your family," said Donaldson.

Event organizers say that racing is big business here in Arkansas and in fact a sprint car can cost you more than $50,000 dollars a season, and you might be surprised at how fast they can go...

Barkley Rowland is a 10-year-old racer, but don't let his age fool you. He's been around the track a time or two, going between 65 and 70 miles per hour.

"It's really fast, you know, and it feels weird this low to the ground, and you're not really going that fast, but it feels like you're going real fast," said Rowland.

Drivers say the experience of going more than 130 miles per hour is undescribable....but the best parts are...

"Meeting fans and actually driving the car, you know, we get out there and race with 24 other guys and it's real neat," said Sayre.

But is it a good place to meet girls?

"No, not a lot of girls come out to the track," laughed Rowland, with a hint of blushing.

The Poinsett County Speedway has races every Saturday night. For more information about tickets, call 870-578-2224.