Poplar Bluff Vigil Honors Missing Family

February 22, 2004 -- Posted at 7:42 p.m. CST

POPLAR BLUFF -- Sunday marks eight days since Rebecca Hargon, her husband Michael and their four-year-old son James Patrick were discovered missing from their home in Vaughan, Mississippi. Their relatives in Poplar Bluff are still clinging to hope that the family will be found soon.

A family waits for answers...but now they know they aren't waiting alone.

"The community, the church has been so great. You know, that's what we have to have. With out that we wouldn't make it through this at all," said Trudy Duncan, Rebecca's aunt.

Family members say the support of the community of Poplar Bluff has been overwhelming, and it's just one way to show what a tight-knit community this is. Folks showed up Sunday for a candle light vigil wearing blue ribbons; their remembrance and prayer for the Hargon family.

Friends and family of Rebecca, Michael and James Patrick gathered to offer their prayers and support to relatives in Poplar Bluff. The band that played at the Hargon's wedding provided entertainment during the vigil, performing songs such as 'Amazing Grace' and 'Wind Beneath My Wings.'

"We're out here to support the family. We know that they are going through such trying times down in Mississippi, and we feel so useless here in Poplar Bluff, and we just want them to know that we are praying for them and with them and that we are thinking of them every minute," said Charlotte Clark, a friend of the family.

"The teachers at the 5th & 6th grade center wanted to do something, because you feel like there's nothing that we can do, so just thoughts and prayers here and trying to help raise money for the family. Whatever we have to do to try to get our family back," said Duncan, who emceed the event.

Mayor Scott Faughn proclaimed Sunday, February 22, 2004 as 'prayer day' for the Hargon family. He says this is a good example of how the folks in Poplar Bluff are able to pull together in the face of the unknown.

"It reflects two fold on what a wonderful family this is here in town, how well respected and well thought of they are.
It also reflects about Poplar Bluff as a community, it's very close-knit, and when one of our community members is hurting, we all want to come around them and comfort them," said Faughn.

"I'm just amazed at the people who have showed out. The caregivers and the calls that we get constantly. So the prayers are everywhere. We ask that everyone
just keep the family in your prayers please. We just ask that," said Duncan.

A $25,000 reward is still being offered for any information leading to the Hargon family's safe return.

If you have any information, please contact the Yazoo County Sheriff's office at (662) 746-5611.