Grown up vitamin supplements can be deadly for kids

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - As we age, many doctors recommend we take a vitamin supplement or two. Like anything overused and abused vitamins can have potentially harmful affects on the human body.

Dr. Shane Speights from the UAMS AHEC program says adult dosage iron vitamin supplements can have terrible results in children.

Speights, "Liver damage, kidney damage, seizures and in some cases even death."

Dr. Krystal Soo of Soo's Pharmacy says large doses of Vitamin, B, E, A, D can cause health issues in anyone.

Soo, "Vitamins like Vitamin C, if you take large doses, it's flushed out through the kidneys so there's usually not a problem with that."

But iron supplements are an entirely different thing. There are times when kids need iron supplements.

Soo, "A lot of times doctors will recommend iron supplements for babies and they come in special formulas with special droppers. "

But not adult dosages.

Speights, "Most children do not need vitamin supplementation and they certainly don't need high doses of vitamins."

Speights says when adults take chewable vitamins and children see it, this can lead to problems.

Speights, "Even children have gummy vitamins so they will perceive it as candy and if they can get into it they will take as many as they can."

Soo, "All of the iron supplements that are sold come in a child resistant cap and should never remove those from that and put it in another container."

We asked Dr. Soo are customers warned of the dangers when vitamins are sold?

Soo, "We tell them the correct dosages and everything and counsel them on the correct storage of it too as far as keeping it out of the hands of children."

Dr. Speights says common sense is the key to vitamin safety.

"Keep them out of the reach of children. "  He says. "Make sure it's not in an area where they can easily get a hold of it or access it. Really treat it like you would any other prescription medicine."

If you suspect your child has taken an iron vitamin supplement, you need to call poison control and seek medical attention immediately.

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