Child breaks wrist during recess, stays at school another 3 hours

HOXIE, AR (KAIT) - A mother is expressing concern, after she says her child's school failed to notify her after her child was injured at recess. The school says they followed the proper procedures, but the parents of the child say they want to alert other parents of the situation.

"It was hurting really, really bad," said Seven year old Kayla Shultz, who hurt her arm after tripping on the playground at Hoxie Elementary School.

"It happened at 11:05 a.m. I was never notified. When I got there are 2:20 p.m. to check her out to take her to the dentist, her arm was swollen," said mother Brenda Shultz. And after a trip to the doctor, found out her wrist was broken in two places.

Like most parents, Shultz thought when she dropped her two girls off at school, they were in safe arms. But says now, she's not so sure. "I'm terrified because I'm afraid something else is going to happen," said Shultz.

Shultz says it's not that her child got hurt at school, but how school officials dealt with the situation.

"Even as a parent myself, I would like to have a phone call," said Elementary Assistant Principal Tim Booth. He says the school followed proper procedure. And when the child was injured, she was taken to see the registered nurse.

"He did the range-of-motion test and saw at that time no swelling. So, he put ice on it sent her back to class and told her if she had any discomfort at all to come back to the nurses station," said Booth.

Booth says the school has obtained signed documents from the substitute teach and teacher's aid, who gave written accounts of what took place. Both say they checked on the child several times.

"They ask her if she was hurting, did she need to go see the nurse, and she indicated no. The substitute even asked her do we need to have mom come get you early," said Booth.

Two days after the incident, school officials were contacted by the Director of Nursing with the Arkansas Department of Education. And after a review of the steps and procedures that occurred, Booth says, "She had seen that our nurse had done nothing wrong. He made a judgement call on what he had seen."

But whether the nurse was wrong on not, Booth says they do plan to take action. "You know, we want the parents to be notified, and we indicated that to our nurses, but again I say the nurse did what he was trained to do in assessing the injury," said Booth.

"I don't want this to happen to me again or anybody else," says Shultz.

Booth says if the child had gone back to the nurse's station, the parents would have been notified. Shultz says she plans to address the situation at the school board meeting this February.

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