JPD Busts Weekend Crime Spree

February 24, 2004 -- Posted at 4:47 p.m. CST

JONESBORO -- A weekend crime spree comes to an end after a watchful neighbors reports a suspicious automobile. Thieves made off with more than $5,000 dollars worth of items, and you won't believe how they got it.

"A homeowner spotted a vehicle leaving his driveway and this person had the foresight to get a tag number on the vehicle and identify the make and the model of the vehicle," said Detective Mike Branscum of the Jonesboro Police Department. "From that lead, we were able to discover through the interview process that the suspects in this case had broken into, up to as many as 30 vehicles Saturday night."

The suspects were identified as David Matthew Cook, Corey King and Justin Bobbitt, all 18 and all from the Jonesboro area. So far the police have recovered a huge pile of stolen items, everything from stilts to sleds....but what made it so easy to hit nearly 30 automobiles in south Jonesboro?

"In this case, all three of these guys stated that they were just driving around looking for unlocked cars in the middle of the night. They would pull up to a drive way and they would run up to the car and if it was unlocked they would open it up," said Det.. Branscum.

Although the vehicles that were robbed weren't locked, that doesn't mean it's not a crime. The three suspects now face felony charges of breaking and entering and theft of property.

Det. Branscum said, "All the vehicles that they broke into were unlocked, there was no forced entry into the vehicles. But in the state of Arkansas whether the vehicle is locked or unlocked it still constitutes a crime of breaking and entering."

Police says there is a valuable lesson to be learned here.

"People just need to make sure if their vehicles are parked out in the open at night that they do have them secured, especially if they have any valuable in the vehicle," said Det. Branscum.

Police continue to recover the stolen items, and say some people may not be aware that they are missing anything. If your vehicle was robbed between Thursday and Saturday of last week, call the Jonesboro Police Department at 935-6710; they may have your things.