Piggott Elementary students keeping it green by recycling

PIGGOTT, AR (KAIT) - Many schools have tons of technology in their classrooms like computers and smart boards, but they still generate tons of paper. At Piggott Elementary School the third grade class is leading the way in gathering, sorting and recycling their paper products.

Macy Williams found some laminated paper in the recycling bins where it shouldn't have been.

Macy, "I'm not having Miss Carol and her husband Mr. Frank to shred these. I'm going to take them home and make something out of them."

There are lots of ways to recycle, re-using is just one way.

Carol Keys, the Third-grade teacher who began the program 3 years ago says the kids embrace recycling and learn.

Keys, By being a good steward, They learn to help others to recycle. Some things they didn't think about you can recycle."

This term 4 third grade schools, Emma Graddy, Macy Williams, Natalie Brown and Phyllis Blankenship are the primary recyclers.

They gather up and sort the product into recycling bins. In three places in the main hallway there is a mobile stand with tubs for paper, newspaper and glossy type materials like magazines and catalogs.

Phyllis Blankenship has already got the idea down pat. "I think it's important to recycle (Why) Because if you recycle stuff you can use it over again without it being thrown in the trash can. "

Keys said. "We're not paperless yet. We still use a lot of paper. Newspapers, copy paper, sometimes we run it and we don't need it unfortunately. We have magazines that we don't get any money for those we recycle just to keep them out of the landfill."

The nearly dozen main recycling bins are marked with what material will go into them.

Blankenship, "Some of these are newspapers and magazine and we the newspapers in this tub and all the other stuff we put into other tubs."

About once a month the big tubs are loaded up on a trailer and taken to a Jonesboro recycler. Last month they took about 1200 pounds of paper.

Keys, "We made maybe three or four dollars. We don't make much on it but it keeps it from going back into the landfill."



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