School Bus Safety

JONESBORO--Luckily, no one was injured on Tuesday during a minor accident that happened just blocks from the Nettleton School District.

"From what we can determine at this point the young lady didn't see the bus and pulled through the stop sign," said Nettleton School Superintendent Danny Blalock.

Tuesday's fender bender is evidence of some of the concerns facing rooky bus driver Tonya Harris.

"They don't even acknowledge that the bus is stopped. They don't even see the kids," said Harris .

Harris has only been on the job for two weeks, but already she's annoyed by motorists that zip right through stop signs.

"It's really scary that they are going to run over one of them and it's something that I couldn't handle," said Harris.

According to the School Bus Information Council, in the past 10 years, 29 kids have been killed either getting on or off a school bus.

Transportation Director Ricky Glenn is a veteran in this business and even he is worried about impatient motorists more than he is about controlling the massive vehicle.

"It's pretty dangerous out there especially with all the motorists and all the factories," said Glenn.

"They cut us off and make it kind of hard at times," said Harris.

And that's a thought Harris wants you to keep in mind the next time you come across a big yellow bus.

"Imagine your kids on that bus and think about the safety you would want your kids to have," said Harris.