Super food for the big game

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - For football fans, this Sunday is the highest peak of the season.

For places that sell wings, pizza, and other football munching favorites this will be their biggest weekend of the year.

So what's cooking?

Besides chips and dip around here the favorites are pizza, crawfish, wings, the national favorite and of course a cold beverage to wash it all down.

All consumed, in large quantaties during the big game.

Leading the food pack are wings. The National Chicken Council predicts more than 100 million pounds of wings will be consumed on Sunday.

Chris Weaver the Area General Manager for Wings to Go was showing me around the kitchen as they got ready for a busy day.

"Bar any other special event, Superbowl is our busiest time of the year. We will sell on our busiest day 2 to 3 times as much as what we normally do."

In fact their chicken vendor loans them a refrigerated semi trailer that was due in late Friday afternoon.

Weaver, "We actually use that to help us with the overflow of how many wings and stuff that we will actually sell because our coolers aren't big enough." Weaver says they anticipate selling 50 - 65, 40-pound cases of bone in wings and about the same for boneless wings.

Pizza is another big game standard munchable. John Gibson said their cooler is full at Domino's on Johnson. In fact they have to wedge the door shut, you can't see the walls for the stacks of blue plastic trays.

Gibson peered through the curtain at the stacks. "1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9, About 250 trays of dough." he said.

About enough for 2 Thousand Pizzas. Domino's also sells wings and has since 85. And they deliver. Gibson says nobody has Sunday off.

Gibson, "Normal Sunday staff is 3 insiders and 6 drivers. This Sunday inside staff is 6 insiders and like 10 or maybe 11 drivers. We up the staff." They have so many drivers because it seems like everybody wants his or her pizza at the same time during the game.

"Superbowl Sunday here is kind of like a holiday for us." Carrie Walker told me as we nibbled on a plate of steaming crawfish, corn and potatoes. "That's when we start getting the crawfish, the trucks start coming in from Louisiana. Everything kicks off, everything great."

Around here crawfish are a Super Bowl staple. The tasty crustaceans prepared or sold by the gang at Delta Crawfish just outside Paragould lend that certain Southern "Zip" to the party. And they roll a lot of these guys out the door.

Walker, "Cooked, maybe hundreds. Sell thousands, definitely thousands."

Of course all that eating will make us thirsty. Some will drink tea, or soda or water...but some will need to make a trip to Mr. T's in Cardwell to stock up on a more potent beverage, and they are ready.

Brian and Nicole Poyner manage the store. In the center they had a football field display designed around a new beer. "We have tons and tons of cold beer, lotta kegs. We have a new beer, the platinum, bud light. We're going to be tasting it on Sunday." Poyner said.

Even though the Super Bowl ends the football season. For some types of retailers it begins the new year.

Poyner, "Definitely kicks off the year. We'll have a higher volume of people coming in a stocking up and having parties and all that stuff."

I can hardly wait. Enjoy the game but please don't drink and drive.

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