March of Dimes hosts fashion show for charity

JONESBORO,AR (KAIT) - A group of Region 8 high school students are using fashion helpkeep babies healthy. Saturday, February 3rd a "Prom Fashion Show"will be taking place in the Brookland High School Auditorium.

Around140 models will walk the catwalk to the latest in pageant and prom designs. Allproceeds for this event will go towards the March of Dimes.

MelissaGann, with the March of Dimes, says this fashion show is good for both babieseverywhere and the students involved. "This event is important for thehigh school students that attend," Gann said. "This is a great wayfor them to get a preview and maybe pick out their prom outfit without havingto drive all over town. It's also good for the community because the youth arereally making a difference in the health of babies and pregnant women. And so,it's really a good opportunity for them to see that there really are problemsout there and to make a difference."

Gannsays all the money earned from the event will towards making babies healthy andstrong.

"Thosefunds will be used to research the problems of premature births," Gannstated. "It will be used to try to find answers as to what we can do toprevent it, as well as birth defects and other health challenges that mightcause the death of a baby."

Gannsays this event is being organized and put on by a group of teenagers in anorganization called the Chain Reaction Youth Council. "There's a littleover twenty members from area schools all over who work hard to put this showtogether," Gann said. "These kids are really instrumental. Theyinterview the models that are chosen, put together the choreography and hit thepavement selling all the tickets to the event."

Gannsays in addition to the life lessons they learn from being part of puttingtogether such a big event, they also get a firsthand look at what's happeningwith the health of our countries children.

"Itprepares high school students for later in life after they get out of collegeand get ready to start a family," Gann said. "They know about theresources that the March of Dimes has to offer. They know about taking amultivitamin everyday to prevent birth defects in their babies. They know a lotof things that contribute to having a healthy baby and what all they can do toreduce the risks of having a premature baby."

"TheMarch of Dimes really stands for all babies," Gann said. "Those thatare born healthy and those that may need our help to survive and thrive. We'renot here for just the preemies. We're here for all babies."

ButGann says they can't provide the services they do without the help of thepublic. "Our mission is to improve the health of babies," Gannstated. "We work on preventing birth defects, premature birth and infantmortality which covers anything that might cause the death of a baby. We do somany activities here in our community and we always need the help of people whoare willing to give their time, talent and even their support. We just reallyneed a little bit of help from a lot of people."

Themodels will start walking at 7:00 pm. To contact the March of Dimes office inJonesboro, you can call 932-0300. For moreinformation about the March of Dime or to contact them online, log onto this website.

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