Spring gas costs could reach $4 a gallon

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - It looks like the pain at the pump is only going to get worse. Some even predict the price at the pump to hit the four dollar per gallon mark by May.

The national average for regular unleaded gas teeters at $3.48 per gallon, and sits around $3.33 in Region 8. It's an expense that is giving many, like Ron Morgan, a hard time.

"It's already effected me to the point I don't go out more than I have to. You know, I'm retired and on a fixed income," said Morgan.

Morgan says he worked in a service station, in a time he looks back on as the golden years. "It was 18, 20 cents a gallon. If you told me then that the price would be over 3 close to 4 dollars, I would have thought you were crazy. Years ago if the price went up a penny, everyone was talking about it. Now, it's nothing for it to go up 10 to 15 cents per day.," said Morgan.

But come this May, consumers could experience another round of pain at the pump. And while it's a typical trend with the Spring demand, some gas price experts predict a 60-cent increase. The boost inches the cost of fuel closer and closer to the $4.00 mark and even higher in some place across the county.

"I don't know how people can pay that. Minimum wage jobs, there's no way," said Mary Herring, who already plans out her trips to town to make the most out of a tank of gas. "I drive that 93 blazer and it cost 100 dollars to fill it up," said Herring.

But at what point is enough, enough? "I don't know it just keeps going up and nobody seems to be doing anything about it," said Herring.

"I think once it reaches $3.50 it'll start to really effect me. So, we're getting close. When I was 16, I drove a Mitsubishi Eclipse. It used to take me $22.00 to fill up, I don't even fill up on $42.00 anymore," said driver Lisa Watson.

According to a report from USA Today, the possible increase stems from renewed to seasonal demand and problems in the Middle East. But as for Morgan, he has his own idea.

"It's greed. These oil companies they make these profits. Their quarterly profits are always ridiculously high," said Morgan.

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