Schools are applying new tools to keep kids safe during earthquakes

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Schools all across Region 8 took shelter today during the Great Central U.S. Shakeout.

The Shakeout is a region-wide earthquake drill that marked the 200-year anniversary of the 1811-1812 New Madrid quakes.

Students and teachers of Nettleton Intermediate Center rehearsed their emergency plans at 10:15 a.m. Tuesday, accompanied by the Jonesboro Police Department and the Jonesboro Fire Department.

"They were in the halls positioned, so they could actually see into the classrooms to see how the children responded to the drill. it was helpful just to know that we can count on them."

The youngsters crawled underneath their tables as the warning played over the school intercom.

At that time, Principal Bean and other officials patrolled the hallways, gathering key information about each classroom.

"We use a color card system. Just one quick visual and I can tell from each classroom if there is a problem in any of them."

It starts with the green card, which means "all clear."

"The yellow means they either have too many children or that they are missing children. And then the red card means that there's a need for emergency people to come and assist."

Principal Bean adds that they hold two or three earthquake drills per year to make sure the children remember what they're supposed to do.

"They did exactly what they were supposed to do. They got out quickly, had books to cover their heads. They were prepared and they did a good job. I'm very proud of them."

Governor Mike Beebe encourages everyone to review their safety plans during Earthquake Awareness Week.

Drop, cover, and hold on.

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