STDs Growing Concern

According to a new study, you have a fifty percent chance of contracting a STD before your twenty fifth birthday.  This according to a joint study conducted by Advocates for Youth and the Alan Guttmacher Institute.

Here in the area response was mixed.  Max Rand a local A-S-u student says,"it doesn't really seem the right number for this area.  But Linda Farris a campus nurse says she sees victims daily.

Commenting on what she sees Farris says the number one problem seems to be educating students about the dangers.  The college is doing their part but hopes to do even more.  Saying free education sessions draw around twenty five students.  They are hoping new campus plans will allow them to set up in high visibility places to conduct educational sessions.

The study used information from several different sources.  While the sources may have been different the results all pointed to the same conclusion.  STDs are a growing problem.  A problem they say will get worse due to the US governments policy to prefer abstinence to safe sex practices.

If you want to know more about STDs or how to protect yourself you can contact your local health center.