Teen Celebrates 4th Leap Day Birthday, Gets Drivers License

February 29, 2004 -- Posted at 4:45 p.m. CST

JONESBORO -- It only comes around every four years, and for some folks, it's a chance to finally have their birthday actually on the calendar. Being born on leap day is rare, but celebrating makes it all the more special.

Celebrating your sweet sixteen birthday is always a big deal, but when your birthday only comes once every four years... it's a defiantly a party waiting to happen.
Lori Lamberth has only celebrated her birthday four times during her sixteen years, but she said it's really not that bad.
"Having two years that I celebrate four and sixteen. That's really neat, all my friends like it and it's a real good conversation piece. Everyone likes to talk about it," said Lori.

But Lori is a real minority though, she's just one of 0.0684 percent of the world's population born on February 29--leap day.

Lori's mom, Toots Lamberth said in Lori's case, it wasn't an accident.

"Actually it was planned that she was born that day. We didn't realize that it was the leap year, that it was the 29th when she was born and the doctor said well, do you want to put it off one more day and I said, no I don't want to put it off one more day," said Toots.

Because of that decision, Lori actually seeing her birthday on a calendar happens only once very four years.

"It just was different because everyone else gets to celebrate on their birthday, and then I only have one every four years. So I don't get to celebrate it all the time, and it's really neat that this year I get to celebrate it," said Lori.

But in other years... it's the eternal debate...just when to celebrate?

"My mom always makes me wait until March 1st. And it's not fair because I'm ready to celebrate on the 28th, because I never have it until every four years. So it's really neat to have to wait until the first, but then sometimes it's not so fun," laughed Lori.

"We've always tried to make birthdays special, because she only gets one, a real one every fourth year. So not having a real birthday hasn't affected her that much. Because we do try to make them special," said Toots, "but everybody always asks when do you celebrate her birthday? It's always the day after the 28th, because that was actually the day that she was born."