Honoring Region 8 Police Officers

Sometimes a simple thank you can go a long ways and a churchfull of thanks can reach the heavens.

((Scott Loyd/Associate Pastor: We believe it is important to recognize the job they do on a daily basis. They get a lot of critisim but today we want to give them thanks for what they do on a daily basis.))

Here at the First United Pentecostal church they don't just believe it they teach it.

Through gifts, songs, and handshakes the congregation said thank you.

The congregation says all the ornaments and fesitivites weren't just for show.

It is what they believe in.

((You may think this display was set up for today but it wasnt. Not only will it be here through the week but its here the whole month to show the churches support.))

While the mood for the most part was upbeat there were several touching moments.

Officers say they were touched by the service.

((Ray Grisby/Chief Police Osceola: I dont feel like the men get it as often as they should and for the church to do it, its nice.))

((Marvin Crawford/Captain Blytheville Pd: Its wonderful to have the community support it, is truly outstanding.))

The church promised to keep praying for those put in harms way.

Adding any officer in need always has someone they can go to for help.

In Blytheville, Ron Smiley K8 news.