Level 4 sex offender arrested in Paragould for failure to register charges

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - Residents in one Paragould neighborhood are upset after they learned of a level 4 sex offender in their area. Paragould Police notified citizens with a letter last week and it's now the talk of the neighborhood.

"I'm a little bit concerned for myself because I live alone, but I worry about the children," said Shelby Short, who lives on Asa Street. Last Friday, she received this notification from Paragould Police about a level 4 sex offender residing on her street.

"She came back and said mom you've got a sex offender that's moved on this street. And I said what?" said Short.

Jack Hailey with the Paragould Police Department says Timothy Loyd is the only level 4 sex offender living in the city. "It's someone that is considered to be a sexually violent predator. It's kind of a rarity to have someone classed that high. The Captain who's in charge of this has dealt with this gentleman before," said Short.

Loyd was arrested twice for failure to comply with registration and reporting. The most recent happened Tuesday, after failure to report his place of employment. "He is currently in the Greene County Jail," said Hailey.

According to Hailey, another sex offender was living under the same roof. "We did find out there was another gentleman living with him who was also a sex offender," said Hailey.

Region 8 News went door-to-door talking with neighbors. For those on the street who have kids..."You know I don't want my five year old playing out in the street with someone like that living down the street from me. So yeah, I don't like it," said resident Nick Clayton.

But those on street can breath a sigh of relief. With the new Paragould Primary School on the way and a childcare facility just down the road,

Hailey says Loyd will have to find a new place to call home.  "There are several things that come into play when it comes to residing where he currently shows to be residing. So he will have to move to come in compliance with his registration," said Hailey.

Hailey says Loyd has two different addresses registered with police. Loyd will appear in court Thursday morning. To track sex offenders in your area, just go to the Arkansas Crime Information Center website http://acic.org/

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