"Elements Of Disaster" - History of Jackson Co. disasters

Jacksonport, AR:  (A.D.P.T.) Discover the power of the elements in Jacksonport State Park's newest exhibit!  Earth, Wind, Water, Fire: Elements of Disaster explores the dark history of natural disasters in Jackson County using a unique blend of science and history.  Make a tornado, create an earthquake, and cause a flood among the numerous hands-on interactives.  Travel through time and learn when disasters occurred, what caused them, and how to stay safe.

The exhibit will open on March 3rd, 2012 in the Jacksonport State Park Museum.  Park Superintendent Mark Ballard, Capitol Historian David Ware, and Jackson County Historian Robert Craig will take you back in time and reveal the stories of the disasters which plagued northeast Arkansas throughout its history.

Admission to the museum is free.

Through Amendment 75 Arkansas State Parks receives funding from a conservation sales tax of 1/8th of one percent.  This funding source provides money for special projects, events, programs and maintenance repairs at all of our state parks.  Thank you for your support of the Arkansas State Park system.

For further information on this special exhibit, contact Curator, Angela Jackson, Jacksonport State Park, 205 Avenue Street, Newport, AR 72112.  Phone:  (870) 523-2601, E-mail:  angela.jackson@arkansas.gov