C-SPAN bus visits Region 8 school

JONESBORO,AR (KAIT) - The C-SPAN bus made stops in Jonesboro Wednesday.

AmericanHistory teacher at JHS, Bryce Bennett, says this was an unbelievableopportunity for students. "It's really great for the students,"Bennett said. "For C-SPAN to be here today, because coming up on ourelection we've got a lot of kids who will be turning 18 soon and they need toknow what they think. They need to know their responsibilities as Americans tovote and they need to know who they want to support and I think, if anything,this is going to spark interest for those who have trouble getting into it andthose that are into it will just take them that much further."

Bennettsays they were referenced to C-SPAN by Suddenlink. After they made contact withC-SPAN and confirmed they would be coming, they prepared their students. "Asthe kids have been coming off the bus, they've been excited. They've beentelling me how much they enjoyed it and thanking us for giving them theopportunity to get on the bus and learn about it. So, they've been really pumpedup about it."

JHSSenior Matt Fowler said he thought this was something all students should tryto do. "I think this is really neat," Fowler said. "I think it'sa great thing to go around the country and let students see. Especially, sinceseniors are going to be voting this year. So, it's very helpful for all that,teaching us."

SeniorLoden Walker said he learned a lot. "C-SPAN, it was incredible,"Walker said. "It's really educational and it's like really helped mypolitical interest I guess you could say because I turn 18 this year and sinceI get to vote personally for my candidate, Gingrich, and it's like really shownme ways that I can find information about Gingrich or anybody really that'swith Congress."

Bennettsays he hopes students walk away with a true understanding of the effects ofpolitics. "I hope coming away from this experience that students have morethan just learned about the candidates for this election," Bennett said."They've learned how involved they can be in future elections. I hope theones that are already interested, that's great. But the ones that don't realizehow much this can affect them. I hope CSPAN has shown them how much politics isin our lives every day and that they need to be a part of it, as well."

SeniorLuke Ferguson he was thrilled with all he learned. "It was veryinteresting," Ferguson said. "I mean, getting the opportunity to toura bus like this that's on a tour to the White House, it's really educationaland just a cool experience."

Seventy-twoJHS students got to go through the C-SPAN bus and learn all about itsoperation. After wrapping up tours with students, the C-SPAN bus went acrosstown to Arkansas State University and gave tours to the public.

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