Jury Selection Begins in Trial of Accused Killer of Randolph County Family

Jury selection begins in Randolph County for a man charged with 4 counts of Capital Murder, and 1 count of kidnapping.

28 year-old Chad Green appeared in court today for the 1998 slaying of the Elliot Family from Dalton. Authorities believe the murders occurred after a drug deal involving Carl Elliot went bad.

Today a pool of approximately 350 potential jurors arrived at the Randolph County Courthouse for this much anticipated murder trial. More than a quarter of them were excused for personal reasons.

For some of those same potential jurors, some say they're also happy to be going because of their close connection to this case.

The final jury is expected to be selected tomorrow. They left the courtroom with specific reading material. But for the defense, they're still not satisfied with their client being tried in Randolph County.

"I would rather have a change of venue," said Defense Attorney Larry Kissee.

"I feel like there has been too much publicity on this case, in particular in the last few days the radio and newspaper has been saturated with the various motions filed in the case."

"I think a properly instructed jury can disregard any newspaper accounts or television reports they may have seen or rumor they may have heard around town, and consider the evidence that's presented at the trial and render a fair and impartial verdict," said Prosecuting Attorney Henry Boyce.

In other news related to this case, Chad Green did make an appearance in court. His defense filed a motion to have the death penalty eliminated in this case, but the presiding Judge Harold Erwin ruled against that.