Tragic End to Missing Family Case

March 2, 2004 -- Posted at 5:25 p.m. CST

POPLAR BLUFF -- A tragic discovery ends the search for a family with Region 8 ties. Yesterday, the bodies of Michael, Rebecca and James Patrick Hargon were discovered in a wooded area near Yazoo City, Mississippi. While the discovery of the bodies is a shock, it's a beginning step towards closure of this tragic story.
Earnest Lee Hargon, was charged with three counts of capital murder in the deaths of Michael, Rebecca and James Patrick Hargon. His alleged motive: a dispute over inherited land.
"Envy and greed are some of the deadliest sins, and people can do strange, terrible things out of greed or envy," said Father Geff Lamprea, a priest at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Poplar Bluff, where Rebecca's family attends Mass.
It's a tragic end to the Hargon family's disappearance, but one that relatives and members of the Poplar Bluff community are able to accept.
"The toughest part was not knowing exactly what was going on. Everybody was kind of hoping against hope that they were still alive. As Rebecca's father Bill already mentioned somewhere in one of the news conferences, it brings solace to him to know exactly what happened to them, so they can put end to this saga, this heartship," said Father Geff.
While it's hard for the church and the community to accept what's happened to the Hargon family, but he reminds parishioners to keep all those involved in thought and in prayer. The Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Poplar Bluff has been holding prayer vigils ever since the family disappeared, and still continue to pray.
"As a community here in Poplar Bluff, all we do is just be there, and be present as much as we can. and if they need help or anything that we can do for them then they know we are here," said Father Geff.
Funeral arrangements are still incomplete, but Father Geff confirms there will be a funeral mass held for the family in Yazoo, Mississippi and later, a funeral service held in Poplar Bluff in honor of the family.