Internet Safety Key Issue

March 3, 2004 -- Posted at 7:21 pm CST

JONESBORO—The World is getting smaller.  For many all the proof you need is the computer in most Region 8 Households.  Computers and the internet bring the world to your home.  Often times with devestating effects.  Now Attorney General Mike Beebe is looking to do something about it.

Beebe says, "sometimes you have to bring it home to them."  Adding the internet can be a useful tool of used wrong.  If used wrong though it can be deadly.

Beebe talked to area youth about one such case that turned deadly.  A little over a year ago a young Conway girl was abducted and killed.  Police say she was killed by an internet predator.  A predator who travelled from California in order to catch his prey.

Response to the speeches was immediate.  One Valley View youth said they would change their profile immediately.  Another added what they saw was disturbing and scary.  This is the response Beebe was looking for.