Local School Deals with Death in Family

Counselors and school staffers worked extra Thursday helping students overcome the death of two of their classmates.  Matthew Qualls and Deven Isbell were killed Wednesday night after the vehicle they were in collided with another vehicle.  Deven's older brother Matthew Tyler is in serious condition in Little Rock.

Authorities say heavy fog could have caused the on-coming vehicle to miss a stop sign.  They are investigating the accident and have sent evidence to the Arkansas Crime Lab for analysis.  Meanwhile a school is left mourning.

Counselors say there is several things you can do in order to help a child get through the loss of a close friend.  They say they are being honest about what happened but only giving away information the child needs to help understand.  They say they are encouraging discussion of the event allowing ventilation of the child's feelings.  They are also asking parents to spend extra time with their child.

They say mood swings or staying in one place could be signs of emotional distress parents may look for.  Many parents came and picked up their child early on Thursday to begin the healing process.  They also say the community came out and helped with counseling.

Liberty Bank has set up a special fund for the families.  You can donate at any of the banks.