Region 8 braces for inclement weather

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The one to three inches of snow people are expecting to see tomorrow has many bracing themselves for what happens after the flurries settle.

The National Weather Service has issued a winter storm watch for northeast Arkansas and southeast Missouri beginning Monday afternoon. The snow is expected to change into freezing rain and sleet Monday night.

Seven-year-old Alissa McCandles likes school, but loves snow. "I want a lot of snow," she said.

While Alissa and her six-year-old brother Gage would like to have snow days off, Blue Pittman would still have to work. "Weather comes I'll probably be out there taking care of oxygen customers. Stuff breaks down, we still got to work."

Just as Pittman will probably have to brave the slick roads, Paragould police Lieutenant Chuck Boone said officers will too. "The calls are going to come in whether it snows, rains," he said.

A few days off for most during inclement weather, is when the job of officer can get hectic. "Especially for the seasoned officer, it's 'alright this is the way I need to dress for this. I need to get things equipped on the car properly this is what I need to be prepared for.'"

Lieutenant Boone has simple advice for people during the inclement weather. "Stay home if you can. Unless it's just absolutely vital that you get out, stay home. Prepare in advance."

Michigan native Jim Pominville said he and his wife are more than prepared for what he called a minor shut-in. "We're in pretty good shape. We try to keep a little stock pile of things at home and a couple of years ago I bought a generator. So the weather can go ahead and come and we'll be just fine. We just make sure that everything's working right. Our windows are good, our insulation's good."

"We get the biggest kick out of a half inch of snow and the schools shut down."

As people stock up on food, water, blankets and anything else they might need Monday and Tuesday, Boone wants to remind people who have to get out to be alert. "A lot of people in this part of country don't put a lot of thought into the weather and what it does to the road."

"The majority of collisions in the weather is due to people sliding into each other. So, while you may be the best driver in this part of the state or wherever, you still can't speak for the other person."

Boone said many people overestimate their vehicles. "I realize that people think that four wheel drives will go just anywhere, and they will go better than a regular two wheel drive, but they won't stop any better."

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