Heavy snow hits Sharp County

SHARP COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - The heaviest winter precipitation was North of us around Hardy and Highland and Ash Flat. I drove up 63 North to check out how the roads were.

I met several Highway Department trucks putting out sand and salt on roads and bridges up around Hardy. The first major snow began to hit the ground about 9 miles South near the old water wheel. One it started it continued to fall heavily.

Just south of town, the snow already thick on the ground I came across Monty and Charles loading wood in a truck.

Charles Blanton said it's been awhile since he did this in snowstorm. "Looks like about 60 years but you know what, it's the same old work."

Blanton says he burns wood to save electrical costs. He says this would probably be the last rick he would have to buy this winter. His fireplace has blowers and that circulates warm air all around the house.

I asked what was his plan for the rest of the day.

Blanton, "Make snow cream and sit by the fire."

The roads weren't too bad in Hardy. I stopped by the Price Chopper grocery store to see if they had any bread and milk or generators left.

Lisa Hutcheson was shopping with her daughter Savannah, "We were short at the house we just came to restock any way. We didn't come for one or two things it was a regular day to shop." When I stopped by the parking lot only had a few cars in it but the traffic was steady through the store.

Store Manager, Steven Fisher said, "It's been crazy this morning. Ever since we opened the doors at 7 o'clock we've been slammed. First snow of the year so it's got everybody out."

I didn't realize this, but there was plenty of snow coming down.. Of course snow usually means no school. Savannah Hutcheson and Tommy Sharak were hanging in the store.

Savannah, "I'm just gonna watch TV and crank back and eat.That's all I'm really gonna do, lay in bed. "

Tommy says he predicts another snow day tomorrow.

At least, Why? "I don't know it's been snowing really hard for about an hour now. "

The bridge over the Spring river was slushy with a brace of plows sanding the top. Farther up the road in Highland the snow thickened and the road was pretty much slush covered.

After an unexpected 180 in a parking lot I headed over to Pocahontas. Highway 62 from Imboden was slicking up with sleet and it made for some interesting driving.

The scariest moments were just up the road from the station on 141 when I slid several times coming back.

But those wet and slushy roads I drove on could be interesting as the evening progresses.