Wintry weather forces truck drivers to detour through Region 8

NEWPORT, AR (KAIT) - The snow began to fall around 10 this morning in Jackson County, and the highways became a little wet.

Temperatures hovered in the mid-30s all day in Newport as snow changed over to sleet and freezing rain.

A few sand trucks were seen coating bridges and overpasses to make sure motorists would keep traction in case conditions worsen overnight.

Rick Hammes of Knight Transportation was hoping to make it to Jonesboro before the roads became slick.

"I think it's going to get icier because it's cold and more rain's going to come. So I'm hoping people slow down and watch for the ice. Because you can't always see it."

Rick had been traveling along Highway 64, making a pit stop before continuing up 67.

He quickly voiced his number one concern going into this evening.

"Cars driving too fast for the conditions, you need to slow down. Follow to closely and they don't have time to brake, which causes bad things to happen."

Rick doesn't see much weather like this, but the compacted ice and snow on his truck still didn't phase the Las Vegas native.

"The roads have been real good, they've been on top of it. The D.O.T.'s done a real good job keeping the roads clear."

Snow and ice also made an impact far away from Region 8.

The winter storm plagued much of the central U.S., as well.

Missouri and Illinois were both covered up with winter weather advisories, which forced some truckers to change their plans.

"First time through here in this weather, so other than that, I'm usually on 44 all the way through. I'm just having to take a different route today."

Moyer is making the long-haul to Texas Monday evening, tracking through the heart of the winter storm.

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