Jonesboro residents soak up the snow

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The snow started to come down in Jonesboro around 1 o'clock Monday afternoon. Region 8 News talked to people around Jonesboro, many who were just glad to soak in a little snow.

"I love it man. I wish it would snow around here more often," said resident Kendrick Calloway.

When the snow started to fall in Jonesboro, many, like Calloway, were pumped. "I hope it sticks so me and my son can come out and make a snow man," said Calloway.

And he wasn't alone. Anissa Hoskins took some time out Monday afternoon to enjoy the snow day with her daughter Cayden. But, she doesn't plan to venture out far. "I'm going to pick up my daughter and I'm going to stay in for the rest of the evening," said Hoskins.

And the winter weather wasn't just fun for humans, even our four-legged friends slide in to get a taste of what little snow Jonesboro got.

The snow was short-lived and quickly turned to sleet. Sadonna Hildebrand loves the view from the window. "Look out and enjoy it; a good cup of coffee on the couch snuggled up," said Hildebrand.

While a dusting did stick to the grass, the roads were more wet than anything. The Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department did report some slush and maybe ice patches around the area. Cynthia Lancaster was one of many who had to tackle the roads. Her advice...take it slow.

"Yes, it's really slick. I mean, I was coming down Stadium and I sort of had to apply pressure to my brakes because I almost slide into somebody," said Lancaster.

But as far as the panic-meter goes, many think the winter weather won't last long.

"The weather has been sort of crazy. You never know with Arkansas weather. I mean, tomorrow we could be wearing shorts," said Lancaster.

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