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Gene Mathis Pays It Forward: 2/13

Pay It Forward starts off in the heart of Lubbock near the intersection of 34th and Avenue Q. We hit the pavement in search of our weekly playmaker.

Within minutes, we meet Gene Mathis who recognized our sign. Gene calls his wife who knows a family friend who could use some help.

We make the trek across Lubbock where we are introduced to Dean Porr who runs a local day care center. She has a family member who is ill and she has medical bills that need to be met. We surprised Dean at her doorstep where Gene makes someone's life a little better.

Dean expressed gratitude towards Gene and his wife and thanked him for thinking of her. Gene mentioned afterwards that it felt good to help someone who could really use it. Pay It Forward ends happily for everyone involved.

Be looking for our Pay It Forward sign soon. You may be the next person who makes a difference for someone on the South Plains.

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