Up and down weather and your allergies

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Snow, sleet, and freezing rain were seen throughout Region 8 on Monday, and now thunderstorms are in Wednesday's forecast.

Michael Covey of Shinabery's Community Pharmacy says this kind of weather could be to blame for a spike in sinus and allergy symptoms.

"Changes in temperature, barometric pressure, and relative humidity can have an effect on our respiratory conditions. So certainly the changes, the drastic changes in the weather has affected congestion and problems people are seeing now."

His pharmacy has seen hundreds of customers suffering from upper-respiratory illnesses.

"We do still see congestion, stuffiness symptoms, and drainage."

Covey adds that you can't prevent a cold, but you can shorten the length of it.

"A lot of that can be treated with over-the-counter preparations. The anti-histamines to dry up, the de-congestants to open up."

Business has stayed busy for the pharmacy throughout the winter months, but not because of the flu.

"We have not seen very many prescriptions for the flu. We have perhaps dispensed just one or two, as compared to 5 or 10 a day."

Covey says better flu shots could be a factor in the decline, but he thinks it's largely due to above-average temperatures over the past few months.

"Perhaps the warmer weather has helped us avoid some of the flu conditions."

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