New Administrative Offices for Jonesboro Public Schools

March 7, 2004 -- Posted at 4:38 p.m. CST

JONESBORO -- Students in Jonesboro were able to see the superintendents office Sunday, and they weren't even in trouble. The school celebrated an open house for the public to check out their new administrative offices, and the digs aren't too shabby.

"We feel like our new administration building is not only the center of our school district, but also the center of the Jonesboro community," said Dr. Sue Castleberry, assistant superintendent.

Superintendent Dr. Bill Beasley agreed, saying the building is an asset to the Jonesboro Public Schools.

"It's a nice, very nice building and it fits the school district operations perfectly," said Dr. Beasley.

Although the school's administrative offices have been in the building since last December, they decided to hold an open house, in order to show off their new building to the public. The former bank building, located at Southwest Square, has been renovated to accommodate the school's offices, and the administration says it reflects the importance of education in Arkansas.

"I think it says that, number one that our superintendent, and our entire school board, and the entire school community in Jonesboro has managed their money over the last 20 years very, very well," said Dr. Castleberry, "I also think it says that Jonesboro school district is the flagship, we feel like for Northeast Arkansas, and we want to remain the flagship, and again to have a building this nice, I think it just reflects the importance that our community places on our school district."

And parents couldn't agree more...

Dr. Veda McClain is the parent of a nine-year-old student in the Jonesboro Public School system and says the administration doesn't need to be worried about things other than education.

"I think it's appropriate that our school district have a new facility. The old facility was not in the best condition, and these are people who are making critical decisions about what's happening in our public schools, and I think they should be adequately housed."

The administration's old building on Flint street in Jonesboro is now undergoing renovation and will eventually become a pre school center.