COPY-Meet February's Teacher of the Month

HOLCOMB, MO-During the school year it is our pleasure to highlight a special teacher chosen by you.

This month we travel to Holcomb, Missouri to introduce you to February's Teacher of the Month... 3rd grade teacher, Kristie Baugus.

"I have a child who is now 16. After I had a child I realized how much fun it was to see how it was when they learned new things, how excited they got. so when he went to school I decided to go back to school and become a teacher." Explains Baugus as to how she got into the business of teaching.

She really seemed to be enjoying her day even though her kids had to take a spelling test.

"To me to see the light in kids eyes when something clicks and they have that ah ha moment. I don't think there's any better feeling than that."

This is Bagus's seventh year of teaching.

"This is my first year in 3rd grade actually. I moved from first grade to 3rd grade so I've had the pleasure of some of these students before.  This is the second time around for some of them so I am really enjoying 3rd grade. I thought First grade was awesome but I think 3rd grade is where I want to be."

Her room seemed pretty well put together with all the right stuff hanging on the walls. Pretty organized I said.

Baugus, "For the most part yes...(class giggles) as much as I can be."

Every teacher has a style, describe yours.

"We try to have fun. I think the kids remember a lot more if we're having a good time, if we're laughing. My class rooms always relaxed. The kids are always allowed to take their shoes off. I just want them to be comfortable in here and have fun while they learn."

"If you could see yourself through your student's eyes. What would they see? I asked.

Baugus, "They see me as caring and compassionate, I hope they feel comfortable approaching me. That's the kind of environment I try to have in my classroom."

Student, Anna Beth Vancil told me she really likes Mrs. bogus, "She's really really nice and cares about all of us the same."

Baugus, "I feel like they are my kids and I love them and take care of them as I would hope other teachers do to my own child."

But of course teaching is a tough job, not all sunshine and lollipops.

Baugus, "The hardest thing about teaching is keeping all the students engaged. What's interesting to one student is not necessarily interesting to another student. Some kids enjoy science, enjoy math, some kids do not and they tend to zone out when it's something they already know and I am trying to teach or something they are not interested in."

Especially at elementary level.

Jaymara Madrigal says she has learned a lot from Mrs. Baugus, "She cares for us. She shows and teaches us stuff that we didn't learn about and all those stuff."

Baugus has really grasped the important role that teachers make for themselves,

Baugus, "The one thing I keep with me all the time is the fact that I can make an impact and can make a difference in these kids lives. That's the joy of my job is that I have such a possibility to make an impact. Teachers are so important in kids lives. we are the one constant that some kids have and that keeps me going."

Do you like your job?

"Love it, love my job, I can't think of doing anything else."

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