Mom charged for forcing kid to walk 4.5 miles to school has court date continued

JONESBORO,AR (KAIT) – The Jonesboro mother who was charged for forcing her 10-year-old childto walk 4.5 miles to school, had her court date continued.

Accordingto the Craighead County District Court's Office, 34-year-old Valerie Bordershad her court date continued to April 30. Borders is charged with endangeringthe welfare of a minor in the second degree.

OnMonday February 13, the Jonesboro Police Department says Borders put her10-year-old son in danger by forcing him to walk almost five miles to school aspunishment.

Officersdetermined Borders forced her son to make a 4.5-mile trek to school from theirhome at Fairview Drive. Nequavion Borders, 10, had recently lost his bus-ridingprivileges for the fifth time from MicroSociety magnet school, located at 1110West Washington.

Hismother sent him to school on foot Monday as punishment for the repeatedsuspensions. He only made it a few blocks before he was picked up by police.

"Shedid the right thing," Nequavion said. "She knew that I had beensuspended off the bus five days, so she didn't do nothing wrong. She made mewalk. I just had to walk. They shouldn't have picked me up. I could've walkedby myself."

ValerieBorders did not want to make a comment, but she did allow her son to speak onher behalf exclusively to Region 8 News. He says he now realizes why his motherwanted to teach him a lesson and "not to just get on the bus and act afool."

Nequavionmade it to the busy intersection of Highland and Stadium and crossed theLiberty Bank parking lot. A security guard approached the boy, apparentlysurprised to see a child in the area alone.

"Anytimeyou see a child out walking like that, ask yourself a question – is that safefor the child?" Sgt. Lyle Waterworth with Jonesboro Police said. "Ifyou wouldn't want your child doing it, we probably don't need somebody else'schild doing it."

Waterworthsays the guard did the right thing by calling police. According to the policereport, when officers arrived, the boy asked them, "Please don't take mehome, mother will beat me." He also told police that he was advised not tostop walking or talk to anyone until he made it to school.

Policedrove the boy to school and then paid a visit to his mother, who was at home onvacation from work. Police wrote Valerie Borders a ticket and gave her a courtdate.

Shewill appear in Craighead County District Court on April 30. If convicted shecould face up to a year in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Borders'son, however, said he does not want his mother to get into trouble for himmisbehaving. He says he knows now to behave better on the bus.

"Sheshould not be going to court," Nequavion said. "I learned my lesson.That was me that was getting suspended off the bus."

Region8 News will continue to track this story and provide any updates, as theybecome available.

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