A new grant brings new classes to Jonesboro Hispanic Center

JONESBORO,AR (KAIT) - A new grant is bringing a new computer class to the HispanicCommunity Services, Inc. in Jonesboro.

A$60, 000 grant funded from Tech Ed Concepts out of New Hampshire is being putto good use. Dr. Charles Coleman, who is on the board for the Hispanic Center,will be the class instructor. Coleman says the software they're using iscomputer aided mechanical design. "This particular software actually does3D," Coleman said. "And anything that similar software does. Thedifference between this software and others is that this is more intuitive.It's easier to learn because it deals actually with the gammas on the screen.This software is not just for mechanical. You can take this software and designhouses or anything you want to design."

ExecutiveDirector of Hispanic Community Services, Gina Gomez, says they're thrilled tobe getting the opportunity to offer this to the Hispanic community. "Weare really excited because this class," Gomez said. "It will give usopportunity for a new program for the Hispanic community for the people thatare willing to take advantage of it. And for people who have not had theopportunity to be educated in this area before. And we have a lot of kids thatwe know have not been able to enroll in college and this is a perfectopportunity if they want to further their education, if they want betteropportunities to get a job."

Colemansays they're starting the class at the beginning level. "The class we'llbe teaching here will be an intermediate class," Coleman stated."Number one, it will be basic. Then we will advance it as the studentslearn."

Colemanbelieves this class is something the Hispanic community has needed for sometime. "We have Hispanic children and adults that need to be grafted intothe community with knowledge and skills," Coleman said. "A lot ofthem don't have those skills. So, to teach these skills and to do it for freeis just a pleasure for me to do that."

Coleman'sexcited to be a part of something he hopes will put everyone on the same fieldadvantage. "This class will mean that they will have the same skills andsame rating as anyone," Coleman said. "When they walk up to beemployed instead of being looked at as Hispanic, white or black it's just aperson who has skills and can do a job."

Gomezsays she hopes this class will grow and continue to help more. "We want tocontinue to expand our programs," Gomez said. "And give people theopportunity to learn something they can then apply to their jobs."

Thecomputers for the class were loaned to the Hispanic Center from Arkansas StateUniversity's College of Nursing and Health. The class is free and available toanyone of any age that is interested. Once classes start they will be everyother Saturday from 8am to 10:30am. Call the Hispanic Center or stop by to signup.

Formore information about the Hispanic Community Services Inc., you can log ontotheirwebsite.

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