A wild winter has landscapers up to their elbows in yard work

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -  February is a month known for wild temperature swings, but with unseasonably warm temperatures on the horizon, many are wondering what happened to winter.

The meteorological beginning of spring is March 1st, and temperatures are expected to reach the mid-60's by midweek.

Plants, trees and shrubs are waking from their winter slumber.

Forsythias, dogwood trees, weeping willows, and cherry trees are all blooming much too soon, according to Robert Sartin.

"This is way early...usually March, April, when the temperatures are reaching the 70 degree weather. So we're way ahead of schedule."

Sartin's business has stayed unusually busy in the past two months, but he is remaining cautious.

He says warm weather followed by a cold blast could spell grief for your greenery.

"It would burn off the bulbs, blooms. They'd be gone, you wouldn't have any bloom at all, so you would have less blooms and just have a leaf. Then, you could have some damage."

If a frost or freeze comes into the forecast, Sartin is advising people to put some newspaper or plastic over their plants.

"You're keeping that temperature and frost from getting on the plant. Just be sure you remove the plastic the next day so it doesn't burn the plant."

As the days get longer, the sunlight is directly warming the soil.

Plus, factor in all the winter rain we've had and it's no wonder invasive weeds are getting a head-start.

"We're not getting enough cold nights now to make those weeds not germinate, so we're having early spring weeds come on up."

Robert recommends taking care of those pesky weeds before they take hold of your lawn.

"Go ahead and get your sprayings out. The pre-emerge and then start with your post."

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