ASU Choir is bound for Little Rock

JONESBORO,AR (KAIT) - Arkansas State University's choir is heading to Little Rock, to performwith the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra.

InterimDean of the College of Fine Arts at ASU and the Director of Choral Activities,Dr. Dale Miller, says they haven't had the opportunity to do this for sometime. "This is the first time we've sung with the Arkansas Symphony since2003," Miller said. "We found out about this last spring, so we'vebeen working on it all year."

Millersays this is going to be an exciting opportunity for the students. "Ourstudents will have the opportunity to perform a work that's not easily done bya single university," Miller said. "The students will have theopportunity to sing a great piece of music. They will also have the opportunityto sing with other singers."

Millersays they will also learn what it takes to perform a piece much larger thanwhat they are used to performing. "They learn what it takes to puttogether a piece of that size, of that magnitude," Miller stated."They learn what their significance is to the overall product. If thereare no singers in the chorus, there's no Beethoven ninth. If there are not alot of singers in the chorus, you have to cut down the size of the orchestra.And if you cut down the size of the orchestra, then you've diminished the wholepiece."

Students'freshman age through graduate students will be performing, and around 60students from the ASU choir will be performing Beethoven's ninth symphony. Therewill be 400 singers on stage, plus the orchestra. They will be in Little Rockrehearsing and performing Thursday through Sunday.

Millersays they'll also be traveling to a number of high schools in the area andperforming there for them before their evening performance. "Music isbigger than one person," Miller said. "But it takes one person tomake humongous music. It is magnificent music and it was created by oneman."

Formore information about Arkansas State University's Choir, you can log ontotheir website.

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