No criminal charges filed over Greene Co. Sheriff "donation fund"

Greene County Sheriff Dan Langston
Greene County Sheriff Dan Langston

GREENE COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - Prosecuting Attorney Scott Ellington says he will not be filling criminal charges against Greene County Sheriff Dan Langston over a "donation fund" at the sheriff's department.

In a letter to Arkansas State Police, Ellington says since police did not find any evidence that money was misdirected for personal gain or theft, no charges will be filed.

Ellington had asked for assistance from Arkansas State Police with an audit investigation into the Greene County Sheriff's Office.

He says the investigation was over the Greene County Sheriff's "donation fund."

An audit performed in December of 2010 found that Greene County Sheriff Dan Langston acted "beyond the scope of his authority" in maintaining a cash account outside the control of the county treasurer.

The Prosecuting Attorney's office asked Arkansas State Police to look into the matter to see if there was criminal wrongdoing in regard to the sheriff's possession of the account. The investigation also looked into expenditures Sheriff Langston made over the past 36 months.

According to Ellington, financial transactions in the cash account were not handled in accordance with basic accounting laws.

Cash counts at the sheriff's office were performed on June 27, 2011. However, the sheriff's donation fund was withheld from auditors at that time. Following questioning, the account information was given to auditors on July 26, 2011.

At that time, the cash count was $1,209. The sheriff stated that he had destroyed invoices and supporting documentation for 2010 and previous years.

Sheriff Langston also said he had been maintaining the account outside the control of the county treasurer since 1996.

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