Lawrence Co. SD trying to bring string of burglaries to a halt

LAWRENCE COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - Lawrence County Sheriff's deputies are kicking it into high gear after a string of burglaries tear through the area. Wednesday, officers hit the streets canvassing the area and from the nature of the crimes, there seems to be a link.

"They'd kick in the front door, grab a pillow case, ransack the house, throw a couple of things in the pillow case and right back out," said Sheriff Jody Dotson.

Ten burglaries in 48 hours, all happening during the day in various parts of the Lawrence County. And Dotson says one thing has officers puzzled. "We're not sure where it's going because the items are just so random. At some houses they'd take a couple guns, where at the house before they didn't take any guns. Some of the houses they really hadn't taken anything," said Dotson.

Dotson says there appears to be no method to the madness, leaving with costume jewelry instead of the real deal and even passing over cash.

"With all the effort they're putting into it, they're not taking a whole lot," said Dotson.

Wednesday, all hands were on deck as the department was out in full force to patrol the streets. "We have a possible vehicle description of a gray and silver mini-van and we're canvassing the area," said Dotson.

Deputies spoke with neighbors, even the Road Department is helping to keep an eye out and in the process stumbled across two lock boxes from one of the break-ins. "There was a marriage license and stuff like that and so they just threw that out on the side of the road and we recovered those this morning (Wednesday)," said Dotson.

The Lawrence County Sheriff's Department CID is working to extract finger prints. And while the department continues to push to find the culprits, Dotson says there is one thing the community can do to help.

"You know your neighborhood. So in the middle of the day, if there is a strange vehicle there that just seems out of place, give us a call and we'd be glad to come and check it out," said Dotson.

If you think you might of seen something suspicious or have any information you're asked to call the Lawrence County Sheriff's Department at (870) 886-2525.

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