Smart Cars could be solution to rising gas prices

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - When gas hits 4 or 5 dollars a gallon. How much extra will you be paying for that delivered pizza or prescription?

Two Jonesboro businesses are taking a "smart" look at beating the rising cost of gas.

Gibson's Pharmacy has used it's Smart car for deliveries for a couple of years. This rolling billboard is pretty light on the wallet.

"It has an 8 gallon tank". Says Gibson's manager Brian Oholendt . "So with the prices now a days and we usually fill up when it's half full or so it's not too bad filling up the tank every week.

Driving around town you really can tell that the 3-cylinder engine, which is in the trunk by the way, works hard for every foot it rolls.

Oholendt, "It's not the smoothest riding car. The transmission definItely you can feel the shift points , but what we use it for, it's real good."

Brian let me take it for a spin and for sure it won't win any races. But it is fairly roomy for two grown men but there is no real luggage space for a long trip.

But economy is why they have the car not speed or long distance travel. Oholendt says they average around 40 miles per gallon even with the stop and go driving that they do.

Oholendt says that they don't want to pass in increase on to their customers. "From our wholesaler they deliver to us once a day and we get a fuel surcharge since the price is over 3 dollars a gallon." Oholendt explained, " Having something like this helps us so we don't have to pass that along. We still have free local delivery."

Another Smart car in town is owned by Upper Crust Pizza. Instead of paying drivers fuel money deducted from delivery costs they went Smart.

Mike Holifield stood by their little black Smart car all wrapped up to look like pizza slices.

Holified, "The plan is to maybe have another one of these in stock before two long and maybe having two running. That way we can keep those going and not have our drivers using their own cars at all."

Holifield says they fill up about twice a week but in the beginning he said maybe once a month.

Holifield, "For a while we thought the gas gauge wasn't working because we went so long on a tank of gas. But it's just awesome around town."

Not the fastest or the roomiest car around but for "Smart" deliveries. You can't beat it.

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