The National Wild Turkey Federation Banquet is back

PARAGOULD,AR (KAIT) - The National Wild Turkey Federation is hosting its Annual Banquet Fridaynight with all proceeds from the banquet will go to Out Reach Our State andHabitat for Improvement.

RegionalDirector for Eastern Arkansas of the National Wild Turkey Federation, EricaWillard, says they are one of the leaders in conservation.

"Wehave done more than re-establishing the wild turkey population," Willardsaid. "Our name is kind of misleading. We do a lot more. We actually havehabitat for deer, quail, many of our wild life species. Elk, you name it wetake care of it."

Willardsays one of their most important projects throughout the year is reaching outto the younger generation. "For us, one of our biggest causes is to reachour future generation," Willard said. "So, we do a lot of outreachwith the youth. They talk about 'teach your kids to hunt or hunt your kids'.So, we're all about that."

Willardsays with so much focus on the bad things that are happening in the world, theytry to focus on the beauty and mystery in nature. "We talk about all thenegative things that impact society," Willard said. "When it comes tothe pure, primitive nature of God's blessings and being in the outdoors, theseare the things that it's a lost are and we're trying to keep that in ourcommunity."

Formore information about the National Wild Turkey Federation, click on this website.

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