Arkansas woman jailed for animal cruelty sues jail

MOUNTAIN HOME, Ark. (AP) - A woman who was sentenced to a year in the Baxter County Jail for animal cruelty after taking in dogs abandoned following Hurricane Katrina is suing the jail over conditions she says she endured.

Tammy Christine Hanson, formerly of Gamaliel, claims she wasn't given food she needed for medical reasons, was denied medical care and wasn't allowed to practice her religion. She also says her cell was too small.

A U.S. magistrate conducted a two-day hearing that ended Wednesday with him asking both sides for more information.

The Baxter Bulletin reports ( ) Hanson was held up as an example of why Arkansas needed a felony animal cruelty charge when the Legislature passed the law in 2009.

Hanson testified her shelter became overwhelmed in 2005 by dogs from New Orleans.

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