ASU Students Weigh In on Cell Phones in Class

March 10, 2004 -- Posted at 3:23 p.m. CST

JONESBORO -- There's nothing more annoying than the guy in traffic whose on the phone and not paying attention...or the woman walking through the mall subjecting everyone to her cell phone conversation. But what about in the classroom? Arkansas State University students say they think cell phones are a good idea, but can become really annoying really fast.

Cell phones: a modern technology, but are they a necessity of life?

Rebecca Dill has cell phone and said it's a good thing for her.

"If you have an emergency, you're always going to need a way to get a hold of somebody, and I can't change a tire or anything, so if I needed it I would have it," laughed Dill.

For student Luke Rowlan it's the best way to track him down.

"I'm never in my room to answer my phone, so if you want to get a hold of me, that's pretty much the only way you are going to do it," said Rowlan.

"I had one a while ago and we stopped paying the bill and tried to focus on other stuff, and now, I'm thinking about getting another one helps because I'm back and forth between home and school," said student Jennifer Morris.

Having a cell phone can sure be handy in a pinch, but it can also be obnoxious. ASU students are divided on the issue, they say cell phones do make things convenient, but they also say other students should know when to turn them off.

Kathleen Stone said she had seen students get kicked out of class when their cells rang.

"Cell phones are pretty good except when they ring in class and the teachers freak out, and it happens so much that I have some professors that kick you out of class if your cell phone rings in the middle of class," said Stone.

"Folks should have enough brains to turn the things on silent, so I blame more the people, than the phones," agreed Rowlan.

We know it's how those people use the phones, but do they know it's them?

"Drivers should be aware, but I talk on mine a lot when I'm driving and stuff so I can't really say anything about anybody else," laughed Dill.

But student Asghar Malik said cell phones can be dangerous when you are driving.

"You are risking the life of your, not only your life but the lives of the other men, or others drivers," said Malik.

Lisa Smith carries a phone, but not to class.

"When their going off in public places, I find it annoying. I don't carry mine to class or anything like that," said Smith.

Kelly Vanhouten agreed, "Whenever you are alone by yourself. It's rude to be around people and using them, but other than that I think it's fine."

Cell phones can now double as cameras, access the Internet and can be used for games. In the works now is cell phone that can double as a television....just what you need for that commute to work.