Members of a local fraternity read to children

JONESBORO,AR (KAIT) - The Craighead County Jonesboro Public Library had some specialguest readers come out as a part of Black History Month on Tuesday, as membersof the Alphi Phi Alphi Fraternity dropped in to read theme related stories kidsin the children's department.

Thisevent is a part of the African American Read In, which is going on the entiremonth of February.

Directorof Youth Services for the library, Kay Taylor, says this event is just one moreway they work to encourage reading in the community. "Black History Monthis always important," Taylor said. "And if we can inject literacyinto that by doing the read in and introducing children and their families toAfrican American authors they may not have picked up and read before."

Taylorsays they have participated in this program for several years now. The programwas originally started in 1990 by the National Council of Teachers. Taylor saysthey're excited to see how many people they've reached. "We'll turn in ournumbers," Taylor said. "As to how many people listened to a story byan African American author."

AlphaPhi Alpha Fraternity member, Joshua Murphy, says this is a way to give back. "Itis essential to provide community service in the community," Murphy said."And we just wanted to give the children something to look forwardto."

Taylorsays they work to educate and expose their patrons to new things. "Readingis important," Taylor said. "Authors are important. And when theycome to this event and hear these stories, maybe they're going to find a newauthor and really like the writing that they may have never tried before had wenot read this in the read in. It also gives families and children a chance toexperience maybe another culture."

Murphysays he's proud to participate in a program that works to inspire children. "Ithelps kids to hear a story from someone else," Murphy said. "Yourteacher may teach you one way or a different way, but then when you learn fromsomeone outside of school they may teacher in a fun and interesting way. So, ifyou learn from someone who's closer to your age or younger like you then you'llprobably relate to them more."

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