Region 8 city hires law firm to resolve issues with IL company

FISHER, AR (KAIT) – According to documents obtained by Region 8 News, Mayor Homer Don Anschultz has hired an attorney from Harrisburg to represent him regarding the ongoing situation with First Government Lease Company. Anschultz said he was advised not to talk any further about the purchase of a police car and narcotics dog with Region 8 News.

According to the document, provided by First Government Lease Company CEO Paul Graver, Tiner & Cobb law firm sent a letter to Graver discussing "forged documents" used to obtain a default judgment against the City of Fisher and Homer Anschultz individually. The letter also stated Tiner & Cobb will file "an action against you concerning the news release you made to KAIT".

The letter continues, "It is our belief that the news release was slanderous toward Mayor Anschultz and the minute you submit to the jurisdiction of our Court, we will file an action against you."

Region 8 News contacted Lohnes Tiner, who signed the letter to First Government Lease. He declined to comment any further.

"The lease is not in the name of David Threlkeld, a fired chief of police or dismissed chief of police or whatever he is. So I'm going to pursue the town every step of the way until it's paid in full," said Graver.

Graver said the city has not met its end of two Lease-Purchase agreements, signed with the name 'Homer Anschultz' in September, 2010.

One lease-purchase was for $7,717.15 for a narcotic detector dog. The other was for $7,898.37 for a police car.

Graver said the city never paid on the balances, and left it up to former Chief of Police David Threlkeld. Graver said Threlkeld has been working to pay the debt.

"So now I'm just left with an outstanding claim against the town, and being an equitable guy, I am willing to work out a payment plan with the town if they should so want one," said Graver.

Graver said both the car and dog have been sold, the dog to a man in Hackett, Arkansas. The car was sold to Higdon Auto Sales in Paragould.

"The most I could collect right now would be for that total amount plus cost less $3,000. Anything more than that would be illegal for me to pursue," said Graver, who won a judgment in Cook County, Illinois for $9,011.47 plus court costs.

However, Anschultz contended he never signed the lease-purchase agreements. In an interview with Region 8 News in December, Anschultz said he didn't sign the documents and the city council never approved of the purchase. According to the city council minutes September 16, 2008, Anschultz is recorded like this.

"Mayor Anschultz told council that the city had purchased a police car from the Pope County Sheriff's Dept on Sept. 11th. He stated that he had spoke with each council member and they had agreed to this. It needed to be recorded for the records," the document indicated.

Arkansas State Police have launched an investigation into the claims of forgery. ASP told Region 8 News Wednesday the investigation in nearing completion, but would not elaborate.

Region 8 News will continue to track this story and let you know what happens.

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