Death toll rising from storms, one reported in Region 8

STODDARD COUNTY, MO (KAIT) – The Office of Emergency Management in Stoddard County is reporting that a man has been killed by the early morning storms.

According to Dale Moreland with the Stoddard County OEM, eight people are being treated for injuries suffered from storm related damage. The age range is from 4 months old to 55 years of age.

Stoddard County Sheriff Carl Hefner says two people were airlifted to a Cape Girardeau hospital Wednesday morning after they were ejected from their mobile home on County Road 266 and 257 just east of Puxico. One of those people later died.

Moreland says multiple buildings and homes have been damaged in a six mile track from just south of Puxico to Leora, Missouri. Moreland says they have reports of damage, including a mobile home being overturned, in that storm track.

Moreland says there will be a shelter opening at 3 p.m. Wednesday at Kinder Chapel on K Highway.

According to Puxico Fire Chief Daniel Dew, a mobile medical unit is in the area, treating others with minor injuries.

Resident Amy Crisel who lives on a farm about 5 miles outside of Puxico said they barely made it into the basement.

"I told my husband that's that sound that everybody says so we didn't know if we had enough time to get to the basement but we did. And we actually felt it was going on as we were going to the basement." Crisel said. She also told me that as they were heading into the basement, all the commodes in the house flushed at the same time. That may have been due to pressure in the air vent that comes out of the roof.

The winds only took a few shingles off the Crisel house but destroyed a shop 50 feet from their home.

Crisel, "My husbands shop was totally destroyed and most of the equipment was damaged but we're okay and the Lord has blessed us."

The fatality occurred nearly straight from the Crisel house about two miles, snapped trees and debris pointed the way the storm moved.

Smith's cattle farm also had a lot of damage to buildings and cattle feeding equipment. None of the nearly Thousand head of cattle were hurt or even escaped during the storm.

It didn't take long for the storm to rip through the area destroying buildings and lives.

Crisel, "Not very long at all. We were in the basement for maybe less than 5 minutes and it had already happened. All the damage was done."

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