White River NWR opened for fishing March 1

(WRNWR) White River National Wildlife Refuge is open to sport fishing from March 1 through November 30 unless posted otherwise.  A signed user brochure is required for all users at White River NWR.  A special use permit is required to fish with any type tackle other than hook and line. The special use permits are available at the Refuge Visitor Center in St Charles.

Frogging is permitted on all refuge owned waters open for sport fishing as follows: South Unit, frogging is permitted from the beginning of the state season through November 30; North Unit, frogging is permitted for the entire state season.

There are over 300 bodies of water open for fishing on White River National Wildlife Refuge. The Refuge has an abundance of roads and ATV trails and 40 boat launch sites providing easy access to dozens of fishing areas.  Bass, sunfish, crappie, and catfish are plentiful in the many lakes, streams, chutes, and bayous.

Since water levels dictate which routes and lakes are accessible by a road, the current conditions are as follows:

  • North Unit: Lost Lake, Kansas Lake. 
    • Brown Shanty remains closed until further notice
  • South Unit:  Indian Bay, Long Lake to Grassy Lake Levy with the use of an ATV beyond that only, Jacks Bay going to Boat Launch; From the south end of the Refuge to Prosperous Bayou and Levy Loop Road

All other roads not listed will remain closed.  However, if a gate is locked, you may walk around the gate.   As road conditions change, updates will be posted.  You may call 870-282-8200 24 hours a day for road condition updates.