Changes in the works for Region 8 hospital

KENNETT, MO (KAIT) – Twin Rivers Regional Medical Center celebrated the addition of a new outpatient entrance Wednesday.

Hospital administration and staff held a ribbon cutting in conjunction with the Kennett Chamber of Commerce for the new entrance located at the back of the hospital.

Twin Rivers Chief Executive Officer Kenneth James said before entrance was added emergency patients and outpatients that were schedule for routine exams shared an entrance, a waiting room and registration process.

"We thought that it would be better to separate that population to make it more efficient for them, and to make it just a better transition for them, and better treatment at the hospital," James said.

The new entrance is one of many changes that will happen at Twin Rivers over the course of three years. "We've contracted with (helicopter emergency medical service) Survival Flight to be based here on our campus, and they're not exclusive to us, but at the same time they provide immediate care and immediate delivery for our patients.  So, the turnaround time for patients who need to be taken out for trauma is very quick."

"We just needed to serve our community, and in an effort to better serve our community we want to have some capital improvements and some process changes that just make that better for them."

James said the hospital plans to complete renovations and equipment acquisitions that will cost the hospital approximately $7 million.

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