Gas prices cutting into Spring Break plans

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)- Spring break isn't that far off. Many will be spending more cash for gas this year. And those that commonly drive to spring break are  college students. I went to the ASU campus  to see how students are preparing.

Watching the news you can see that just outside the Orlando, Florida airport you would pay nearly 6 bucks a gallon to fill your car. Even down the road gas is still much higher than here in Region 8. Way Higher.

Freshman Samantha Hendrix will be going to Panama City for Spring Break. She hadn't really thought about gas prices.

"Not really until now." She admitted, "I guess we'll have to do that. We have quite a few people going so maybe it won't be that bad." Hendrix says there are about 20 of them going in several different vehicles.

High fuel costs are an issue that affect everyone especially in a state like Florida that depends so heavily on tourist dollars. But John Frankel who owns International travel says he is still booking travelers.

Frankel, "I think people forget real easy. They are excited about something they can look forward to. The airfare prices have generally gone up since August of last year."

Plus all those "fees" they are likely to charge. Memphis International being one of the most expensive airports in the nation to fly in and out of.

Hannah Wakefield plans on going to Orlando... if her finances allow.

"Flying is not going to happen it's too expensive." Wakefield said, "If it does happen it will be by car and yeah, gas is going to be a big issue." Wakefield says if she doesn't get her tax money back in time she will probably just stay local and look for cheap things to do around here.

Brittany Jackson and Jacob Schultz are going to Nashville and Eureka Springs. They are staying fairly close but they are still changing some things because of gas prices.

"Changes like the cars we're going to take. " Jackson said and explained, "He has like a big truck and I have a smaller car so mine will get better gas mileage."

Schultz says they are planning on cutting back the amount of driving they originally had planned.

Schultz, "We talked about this not too long ago. We actually need to start saving now for the gas to get to these places."

I asked Brittany if any of her friends were giving much discussion to the cost of gas.

She thought for a minute then, "I don't think most people have even thought about gas prices and things like that. They have just been thinking about how much when they get there everything is going to be."

By air and by ground, soon the great migration will start but if you spend all your money just to get there. How much fun on the beach will you be able to have?

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