Possible Suspect in Serial Killer Case Attempts Suicide Before Police Can Question Him

MARCH 12, 2004 - Posted at 12:27

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK - Oklahoma investigators say a man wanted for questioning in the killings of several women apparently stabbed himself at a truck stop.

One of the victims was 47-year-old Margaret Gardner of Memphis, whose body was found in July on an Interstate-40 entrance ramp in West Memphis, Arkansas.

The other six deaths in the probable string of killings were found in or last seen alive in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma City police were asking questions yesterday at a truck stop when someone suggested they check out a truck that had been parked there for an abnormally long time.

Officers knocked on the cab and say the man poked his head out of the sleeper compartment, then ducked back in and didn't respond.

A sergeant says officers went in and found the man had stabbed himself.  The case is being investigated as an attempted suicide.

Police say the rig the man was in was reported stolen in Arkansas about a year ago.

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