NFL Player George Wilson visits Region 8 school

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-Students at a Region 8 high school are recognized for their commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Weiner High School students are the proud recipients of the "Fuel up to Play 60s" program.

This program is a nutrition and physical activity program meant to encourage kids to eat healthy and be active.

Strong Safety for the NFL Buffalo Bills, George Wilson, made a special trip to the school on Monday to congratulate them.

Wilson says this program is very important to him.

"This program is about combating childhood obesity," Wilson said. "We could possibly be raising the first generation of kids that won't out live their parents. This is a very time sensitive issue that we must face, take on and head on right now."

9th grade student Joshua Lucero says he gets a lot out of participating in Fuel up to Play 60.

"Fuel up to play 60 is more than just a student organization," Lucero said. "It empowers youth all across the nation to help with physical activity and promote the importance of nutrition."

Katie House, also in the 9th grade, says being a part of this program has really opened her eyes.

"it is important to start eating healthy," House said. "I started eating healthy after this program after I learned all the things it can do for you."

Family Consumer Science Teacher at Weiner High School, Patricia Carroll, says the students benefit in a number of ways by being a part of this program.

"for the students in our school participating in this program has been contagious. It's just something that has really caught on and grown. The kids have really taken this to heart and have been working to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others."

Lucero says he's learned far more during this program than he ever thought he would.

"There were a lot of things I didn't know about health and nutrition and physical activity," Lucero said. "But when I started with Fuel up to play 60 I learned so many things I didn't know. I learned. I learned different things about the USDA, about how they classify things and I think it has helped me to become a better leader and a better person."

House and Lucero made a video on the importance of milk during this program.

House hopes it will impact others.

9th grade student Katie House says

"I hope that our video might be able to influence some other people about milk," House said. "It is an important substance. Drinking it can improve your health and make your bones strong. Also, if you fall off the monkey bars you have a little less chance of breaking something."

Wilson says the purpose of this program is to help ensure a brighter future for tomorrow's generation.

"This program is about empowering the kids," Wilson said. "This is something that is going to be instrumental in helping us turn around this child hood obesity epidemic. This is something we can't continue to turn a blind eye to. This is something we must face head on, right now. And what better way to reach our kids than by empowering them through this program."

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